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Interporto of Abruzzo, Green Transport Solution, strategic position, Interporto Val Pescara spa, Intermodale srl

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Infrastructure, services e tecnologies

The Interporto of Abruzzo, identifying brand for the whole structure which is home to the two business units involved in the project, is made up of a number of structures which have the capacity to catalyze and facilitate both incoming and outgoing traffic. The freight terminal, which was created with the aim of encouraging multimodal transport, has taken on a much more substantial role.
The goods are not only transited through the transport hub in order to break up the load before continuing with different transportation modes, but thanks to the concentration of a number of logistic activities, the goods may even acquire value.

Law 240 of 1990
The law 240 of 1990, which was introduced to promote combined transport, defines a freight terminal as “a complex organic structure with integrated services which support the exchange of goods between different modes of transport. It includes a railway terminal which is able to receive full trains and has connections with ports, airports and major road networks”.
Law 240 of 1990
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